Violin Starter Pack
Brand new beginner violin course taught by Ezinma!
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Preparing to Play (9 Lessons)

How to Play the Violin (19 Lessons)
6h 2m
Skill Level

Start your musical journey here! With Ezinma as your virtual instructor, learning to play the violin has never been more informative and fun!

This course is designed from the ground up for anyone of any age looking for the perfect place to begin with this amazing and timeless instrument.

With Ezinma as your guide, you will become familiarized with the fundamentals of the violin and empowered with the confidence to build a strong musical foundation.

Explore a world of creativity and self expression like never before with this exclusive Violin Starter Pack!

Included Downloads
Audio Tracks (52 Tracks)
26 Performance Tempo Practice Tracks
26 Slow Tempo Practice Tracks
Sheet Music (18 Files)
9 Annotated Sheet Music PDF files
9 Clean Sheet Music PDF Files
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