Press5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Beethoven
5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Beethoven
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Listen to the best of the stormy, tender work of the composer who changed music.

In the past, we’ve asked some of our favorite artists to choose the five minutesso they would play to make their friends fall in love with classical music, the piano, opera, the cello, Mozart, 21st-century composers, the violin, Baroque music and sopranos.

Now we want to convince those curious friends to love the stormy, tender music of Beethoven, who was born 250 years ago this month. We hope you find lots here to discover and enjoy.

Ezinma, violinist

The Op. 131 String Quartet is one of my favorite works because it highlights Beethoven’s individuality and willingness to challenge musical precedents. Anyone with the notion that classical music is stuffytame needs to listen to this quartet, specifically the last movement. It opens with a ferocity that grows more intense as the music develops. This movement continues with unpredictable drama at each turn. As someone who is in both the classical and popular music spaces, I imagine this movement being sampled and turned into a hip-hophouse track. Beethoven was truly ahead of his time.

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